7 Tips for a Great Spa Day in Uvita



Time to get pampered! When you are on an exciting vacation, in the heart of beautiful nature in Costa Rica, strolling on the velvet sandy beaches, what would be the cherry on top in this paradise? A day of heavenly massages, hot tub, sauna, body scrubs and all relaxing goodness. Here are some tips to prepare for your special spa day and make the most of it:

Food and Water


Eat lightly before going to the spa, being too full or too hungry would make it difficult to relax. If you wish, bring snacks like fruit to spike up your blood sugar after a treatment. You don’t want to get too relaxed and feel lightheaded! Furthermore, remember to hydrate before, during and after! Hydrating is extremely important since your body will lose water during massages or sauna.



Taking a hot shower before visiting the spa because, in addition to relaxing your muscles, it will help to remove dead skin to get the best of facial treatments and body scrubs. Plus, it is polite to clean up before getting a massage.

Get Moving

Surfing , Exercise before Spa

Get your blood flowing and stretch or do some light exercises. Exercising will optimize your spa experience and prepare your muscles to relax and unknot.

Don’t Be Shy

Spa Day tips

If you don’t feel comfortable with fully undressing, don’t let this get in the way of you getting a massage. The main point of spa treatments and massages are for you to unwind and de-stress. Therefore, just undress or remain dresses up to your comfort level. You should also feel free to tell your massage therapist if the pressure during your message is too light or too heavy. Your massage therapist needs to know what level of pressure works for you so that they can ensure a great tension-releasing experience.

No Distractions

spa day tips

This a day for you to relax. So leave your worries, errands and to-do lists behind. If you keep distracting yourself, you won’t be able to enjoy and make the most of your experience. The main purpose of a spa day is for you to be able to unwind, let go of the tension. Therefore, turn off your phone, or better yet, leave it behind and just enjoy yourself, one moment at a time.

Dress Accordingly 

Spa Day Tips

Be prepared and dress appropriately before and after visiting the spa. It’s better not to wear jewelry since you will have to remove everything before treatments. Also, don’t worry about bringing a robe or a towel, they are supplied by the spa, as well as shampoos and soaps. Although you might need to pack a bathing suit if you plan to use the hot tub or sauna. Remember to pack loose and soft clothes to wear after your spa day so that relaxation continues after your visit.

Get to Know the Facilities

Spa Day

Try to arrive a little early so you have time to get to know the spa, the layout and where everything is. This will save you much time and you won’t have to fuss over filling out the paperwork, finding the sauna or finding a light snack! It’s always great to locate food and bring your credit card in case you need to pay for extras.

Pay a visit to Spa Shà and let the relaxing begin.

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