Rainy Day Activities at Kura


Rainy days can be gloomy, but they can also be cozy and adventurous. Costa Rica’s nature is the most beautiful during the rain, coming to life under the invigorating rain. So don’t despair, whether you want to stay in or go on adventures, rainy days are full of potential.

Explore the Food


Rainy weather is the best excuse to explore and experiment with a restaurant menu! Especially Kura’s restaurant with mouth-watering dishes full of explosive flavors. The ingredients come from the greenhouse on the premise where we grow kale, peppers, basil, spearmint and many other herbs. There are also vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and you can also arrange private dinners.

Get Some Drinks


Experiment with Kura’s handpicked selection of rare liquors and Costa Rican favorites such as Cacique, Ron Centenario, and Cafe Rica. Diablitos Bar & Lounge also has an ever-evolving cocktail menu, all made from fresh local ingredients. There’s also a selection of craft beer and an exclusive cooler list of spirits and wine. With the innovative and unique design of Kura’s bar, sit back relax and enjoy the spectacular views.



Treat yourself to a day of wellness and relaxation at Spa Shà. Rejuvenate and nourish your body with exotic body scrubs, deep tub soaks and fully body massages. You can also take private yoga classes and complement your wellness experience.

Go Outside


The rainforest is beautiful on all days, especially rainy days; the jungle is plush and bright since it comes to life under the refreshing sprinkle of rain. On cloudy days, mist slips to every corner and walking in the hovering clouds feels like floating in the high skies. In addition, there are outdoor adventures to on the rainy days such as going to the hot springs. Taking refuge in the warm comfort of hot springs while the cool rain is drizzling is an ecstatic feeling. You can also go see the sea turtles, they come to nest all year around and during the green season you can also spot a larger group of mother turtles coming to the shoreline at one time. Another adventure for rainy days is river rafting since during the rain the rivers will flow fast and smooth.

There is so much more to do at Kura on gloomy days, check them out here

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