The story of Kura Design Villas


Kura was born out of the concept of combining luxury with sustainability.The owners, Alejandra  Umana ( biologist) and Martin Wells (architect) combined their passion and expertise to create something special. Kura Villa Design is a minimalist and boutique hotel that brings a new ecolodge to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. Therefore, Kura’s design became a model for sustainable development in the region.

Kura aerial design

The managers of Kura Design Villas are a Costa Rican couple. They grew up in San Jose, but having fallen in love with the southern Pacific coast, they moved to Uvita and built a house out of recycled shipping containers. Their aspiration was to build a well-designed hotel that would not leave a footprint in the nature.Kura infinity pool and design and story

Both of the designers were committed to protect the environment and Costa Rica’s stunning biodiversity. Therefore, they were seeking to build a hospitality experience that while being unique, it would not interfere with the surroundings.

kura room view and story

“The most glamorous romantic resort in Costa Rica” – Forbes

Kura is set on an incredible mountain ridge overlooking a vast blue horizon of the Pacific Ocean near the town of Uvita. The minimalist design of Kura allows the lush, pristine mountaintop rainforest to blend in with the luxurious interiors.Everything has a view at Kura: be it the balcony, gazing over the trees and the blue ocean; the astonishing sunset on the infinity pool; or the double-rain shower.


You can greatly enjoy spending time indoors watching the nature that surrounds Kura, as much as exploring outside. The unique design of Kura creates the opportunity for an authentic interaction with nature.

Kura is born out of a vision to blend sustainability with luxury and to do it in style! Hence, Kura became a place where modern sustainability meets minimalist design. From building materials to solar panels and local suppliers, Kura was built with attention to every detail. Accordingly, every villa features an open-plan concept and are complemented by a salt water infinity pool; an outdoor lounge, bar and spa area; private jungle hiking trails; and a Sky Lounge with a 360-view of the twinkling stars.

Kura solar panels and design and storyEco-friendly features include solar panels to provide electricity and heat water, a rainwater collection system, LED lighting throughout the property, and the use of biodegradable cleaning products.  When designing the menus, as many local ingredients as possible are used and local guides and tour operators are employed to provide services to guests.


Kura is committed to preserving the natural beauty of the environment while providing a genuinely upscale hospitality experience.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience at a luxury but sustainable hotel in the beautiful Costa Rica 

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