Tips for a Great Whale Watching Trip


Costa Rica is home to beautiful whales and dolphins, and watching them beautifully swim in the blue waters is a truly uplifting experience. Here are some whale watching tips to prepare for a tour and enhance your experience.

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Breakfast at Kura

We’ve all hear that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and it’s even more important when you are planning to spend most of your day sailing on a boat. Contrary to the public opinion, an empty stomach induces sea sickness. Therefore, make sure to have a carbohydrate-based breakfast such as bagels, cereal, toast or oatmeal. Because carbohydrate-rich food increase the acid in your stomach, they will prevent sickness. Also when on the ocean, keep hydrating by sipping on water, tea, sports drinks or ginger ale. However, it is best if you avoid sugar-filled drinks.  

Keep Warm

The “whale’s tail” beach becomes visible from Kura during low tides

The ocean is usually chillier and breezier than land, so to avoid feeling less than cozy dress in layers and perhaps bring extra clothes and a light blanket. It is also important to wear waterproof clothes. This way, your clothes won’t get damp or soaked when the beautiful whales splash against the wavy surface.

Things to Bring


So you’ve had a nice breakfast and got your bottle of water and warm layers, what else would come handy on a voyage to watch beautiful sea creatures? First things first, don’t forget sunblock! A whale watching trip lasts for about 3-5 hours and with water reflecting the sun rays, you will need protection. And speaking of the sun, pack your sunglasses as well, to protect your eyes.

And while you’re packing, throw in your camera too because you want to capture the mesmerizing charm of the sea animals. For an even better view of the whales and maybe some beautiful birds, bring  pair of binoculars.

If You Feel Sick…


If you start to feel queasy don’t fret, you can try some simple tips to feel better. Step out and get some fresh air, taking deep breaths. Stay on the lowest deck where motion is felt the least, and as counter intuitive as it may sound, try to snack on something. Another way to prevent sea sickness is to keep your mind busy with something other than the queasy feeling. So look into the still horizon, search for the ever-colorful birds or many other amazing sea animals and enjoy the magic of Costa Rica.

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