Water Heaven; Would You Dip or Dive?


Where there is water, there is life. Ocean is a mysterious yet very intriguing place. Beneath the powerful waves live many creatures, they cannot be counted! There are also splashing gushes of life rushing to crash into the ramrod rocks, waterfalls. Costa Rica has it all! Blissed with both natural phenomena, at Kura you can dive in the ocean or swim in refreshing waterfall pools .

Waterfall Pools

swimming in water fall

Natural waterfall swimming pools are numbered and rare. Although you might find a considerable number of waterfalls, not all of them are suitable for bathing and/or swimming. They might not be warm enough, ideally deep, or not have a pool altogether. Costa Rica has been blessed with amazing waterfalls that are perfect for bathing and/or swimming. There are several stunning waterfalls close to Kura that you can visit.

The spectacular Nauyaca waterfall is a forty minute drive from Kurà. The cascade is as tall as 45 meters! They naturally form a pool that range in depth from to shallower ones suitable for bathing. Regular swimming and bathing cannot hold a candle to taking a dip in natural waterfall pools. For the soothing sounds of splashing cool water have a calming effect, relishing waterfall’s motion and sound, even when you are not swimming. Mix up your trip with horseback riding and a traditional Costa Rican lunch! Warning: this experience may ruin regular swimming for you!

waterfall pool swimming


ocean water swimming

The life under Costa Rica’s blue waters is astonishing. There is no where like the sapphire heaven of Caño Island Biological Reserve to try diving and snorkeling. The glassy waters of Costa Rica give home to various splendid creatures; turtles, dolphins, sting rays, moray eels, barracudas, tuna snapper, parrot fish, and puffers to name a few. If your craving for underwater adventure is not satisfied yet, the island has even more to offer! Deeper diving off the island will bring you face to face ( or should we say goggles to teeth) with white-tipped reef shark, silky shark, bull shark, with occasional whale shark and the amazing humpback whale. Should you feel like taking a break from water, fear not. Because you can finish off the day with a picnic lunch and an optional guided hike.


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