Meet the Leivas – Three Siblings Bringing Plenty of Personality to the Kurà Family

At Kura, we’re a tight-knit team.  A little familia of just 24 locals, long-time friends and neighbors; we’re co-workers yes, but the bonds run deeper.  Outside of work we’ve helped each other build houses; we send our kids to the same schools; some of us even have a dog together.  We all look out for each other as a family would, and in fact, some of us really are related.

Introducing the Leiva family.  At Kurà, we’re fortunate enough to have 3 of 12(!!) Leiva siblings on the team, and believe us, they bring a whole lot of personality to the party.  Coming from a big family dedicated to raising livestock in nearby Perez Zeledon, they now live in Uvita, where over the last 5 years we’ve adopted them into the even-bigger Kurà family.

Meet the Leivas – from left to right, Jeaneth, Lley & Luz Marina

Meet Luz Marina, our youngest Leiva.  Joining our housekeeping department at just 18 years of age, she’s one of our most adored team members.  Wise beyond her years and with unfaltering energy levels, she’s fiercely dedicated, passionate, and highly driven.  Get to know Luz Marina and you’ll find out that she’s a big dreamer, a seriously smart lady on a mission.  Simultaneously housekeeping and studying, Luz Marina funded her own bachelor degree in economics through sheer hard work and has quickly climbed to the role of Administrative Assistant at Kurà.  She aspires to one day have an ambitious career in banking.  Beyond work and study, Luz Marina is a skilled salsa dancer, often partnering up with her equally talented brother…

Meet Lley (pronounced Jay), our middle Leiva.  He’s totally loveable, smiles all round and head of our Food & Beverage team.  If there’s anyone to befriend for extra snacks, it’s Lley, but he’s the kind of guy you won’t even have to ask.  Also studying simultaneously, Lley is well on his way to becoming an English teacher and it shows: he’s an endearing chatterbox with many an entertaining story to share, and the one often in charge of training up our newest team members.  If you’ve ever heard the Costa Rican term “pura vida”, that’s Lley in a nutshell – laidback, down-to-earth and genuine.  Reliable through thick and thin.

Chat with Lley all afternoon long at Diablitos Bar

Our final Leiva is Jeaneth.  Eldest of the three, she’s also the feistiest.  Something of a matriarch to the Kurà family and a mother herself, she’s protective over us all but not one to be messed with!  Jeaneth has worked her way up from cook to Head Chef at Kurà.  She’s unflappable in the kitchen and responsible for the delicious Costa Rican fusion dishes that we serve up at our poolside restaurant.  Jeaneth has a bold sense of humor, quick to quip and sharp as a razor.  She likes to decompress by getting active and hiking in the rainforest.

Learn how to make traditional Costa Rican ceviche with Jeaneth

Despite our fabulous location and setting, what really makes the Kurà experience a memorable one are the warm personalities of our friendly team.  We’re incredibly lucky to have such talented, authentic individuals in the hotel family, and love nothing more than to see them grow personally and professionally.  Come and visit the Leivas and the rest of the team soon – for new guests, we’re dying to meet you, and for our old friends, isn’t it time for a good catch-up?

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