“I’m a fan of relaxing, and when I get tired of relaxing I like to do nothing.” ― Jim Gaffigan

massage spa relax

The body is a sanctuary and the door to mental wellness. The Spa Shà at Kura is an open-air haven where you can drift away and leave anxiety behind. Treat and nourish your body with exotic body scrubs and wraps, full body massages and deep tub soaks. You can put a cherry on top by taking a private yoga lesson. Yoga is a practice that connects the mind and the body, resulting in reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and relaxation. You might not want to work out on vacation (emphasis on the word vacation), but make an exception for yoga, because it is simply fabulous!

Feel free to get creative and show off your yoga poses on the infinity pool like this lady!

yoga relax pool headstand

Sky Lounge

sky lounge dine relax

Now that you are all relaxed and pampered, end your day on the mesmerizing sky lounge. This is no ordinary dining place- unless you see a 360-view of a dense jungle every day! The sky lounge is a rooftop hideaway for enjoying a private candlelit dinner under the sparkling stars, including a la carte starter, main course, dessert and a bottle of house wine. Pour a glass of wine and pour out all the tension in this serene atmosphere.

Mulling over relaxing vacations, choosing a tropical destination is almost a reflex. Costa Rica has the most ideal setting for a laid back vacation; miles of green rainforest, sandy beaches, the vast blue horizon of the ocean. Every vacation is a trip, but not every trip is a vacation. The key difference is “relaxation” and Kura has a lot to contribute to an unflustered vacation:

The Infinity Pool

The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea. ~Isak Dinesen

relaxing by the pool

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean is Kura’s infinity pool; 19-meter canvas that hugs breath-taking pictures. The God-pained images reflect on the calm surface of the pool and serenading music fills the underlying salty water. There is no closing time for relaxing and neither there is for this stunning pool. You can swim all night long in the infinity pool if you just can’t get enough.

relaxing pool at night

Swim basking in sun, let the velvet rays of light caress you, and take in the marvelous scenery.

infinity pool relax

Stay in the pool until sunset, witnessing the orange beams transforming the sky to a burgundy gem.

sunset relax unwind

Or if you fancy a tranquil night with glistening stars, surrender all your worries to the hushed darkness and blazing fire on the shimmering water.

pool night relax