Uvita welcomes the Whale and Dolphin Festival

Uvita welcomes the Whale and Dolphin Festival

September is a busy month at Kura. Down in Uvita, we’re receiving so many international visitors from as far afield as chilly Alaska and the furthest points of the Southern Hemisphere. They’re our most loyal visitors, coming every September without fail all in the name of a much-needed tropical vacation! This year is no exception. To welcome the return of our beloved Humpback Whales, the Whale and Dolphin Festival is in full swing in Uvita!

Uvita is home to Humpback Whales and the famous Whale’s Tail sandbar formation

Spread across three weekends in September, the Festival celebrates these gentle giants through a variety of activities for the public and especially for families and kids. Uvita residents and visitors alike can enjoy sports events, environmental workshops and talks at hotels, and of course whale-watching and plenty of local food.

Uvita welcomes the Whale and Dolphin Festival

Aside from celebration and revelry, the idea behind the Festival is to promote the wellbeing of these visiting mammals, which in addition to Humpbacks also include Pilot, Bryde’s and False Killer Whales along with Bottlenose, Spotted and Spinner Dolphins.

This year, the Festival wants to draw attention to the dangers of plastic to marine life, in an attempt to curb hundreds of unnecessary dolphin, whale and turtle deaths annually. To raise awareness around the issue, Kurà’s staff teamed up with the community to create an impressive “plastic bottle whale” from 3810 used bottles.

To raise awareness around the dangers of plastic to marine life, Team Kurà helped create this impressive water bottle whale

Part of Kurà’s sustainable philosophy since its very inception has been to avoid single-use plastics wherever possible. Guests won’t find any plastic water bottles or traditional straws at the hotel – we prefer to use biodegradable bamboo! The popular Festival is a heart-warming opportunity to see how the whole community of Uvita is increasingly turning away from plastic bags, straws and bottles too. We’re proud to be protecting an ecosystem so dear to us and setting an example for the whole country to follow.

You won’t see any plastic straws at Kurà – we prefer biodegradable bamboo

Our eco-efforts go beyond plastic at the hotel. Read how we keep things sexy and sustainable at Kura!

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