Whalewatching Uvita Activities

If you’re looking to get out on the water to catch a glimpse of Costa Rica’s marine life, the Costa Ballena, or “Whale Coast”, is the place to do it. And good news, the best season for whale spotting is right around the corner.

The iconic Whale’s Tail on Costa Rica’s Costa Ballena, a whale-watching hotspot for 8 months of the year

Imagine yourself sprawled out on a boat, cruising the waters of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. The gentle movement of the waves and the golden sun on your back is pure bliss and ultimate relaxation – everyday worries melt away. Suddenly, a spray of water bursts up from the calm surface of the ocean and there are gasps of excitement as the giant flippers and mottled skin of a humpback whale appear and then disappear back into the deep blue depths.

Seeing these majestic sea creatures is an extraordinary experience and one definitely worth traveling for. Costa Rica’s “Whale Coast” near the town of Uvita is the ideal location to spot the gentle giants, who migrate to the warm tropical waters of Costa Rica from mid-July to October and again from December through March.

Cruise the Whale Coast just off Uvita in search of humpback whales

The dance of these majestic giants is an experience worth traveling to Uvita for

During these months, approximately 700 whales congregate to mate in the Marino Ballena National Park, Costa Rica’s only marine reserve. Established in 1990, it protects 5,510 hectares of beach, mangrove estuary, lowland rainforest and marine habitats.

The rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean at the Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita

Undoubtedly the best place in Costa Rica for dedicated whale-watching tours, the southern Pacific coast is the stomping ground of the country’s many whale and dolphin species. Costa Rica is widely regarded as having the world’s longest humpback season, with the creatures spending more than eight months a year in the nation’s waters, mating, breeding and rearing their young before making their way up to the frigid waters of the north.

While staying at Kura, you can book a half-day whale-watching tour during which you may spot humpbacks alongside bottlenose and spotted dolphins, and even pilot whales who reside in the waters off the Uvita coast.

Enjoy panoramic views across the Whale Coast at Kura and even catch a glimpse of the humpbacks from the infinity pool

The annual Whale and Dolphin Festival in Uvita – this year from mid-September through October 1 – is worth catching too. During the festival, local operators offer a variety of whale and dolphin-watching tours, alongside many other activities from beach runs and cycling races to music and dance performances.

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