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In Our DNA

Sustainable By Design

At Kurà, we invest in green technology and always source products in line with our philosophy. Here are just some of the ways we keep our operations efficient and sustainable.

Clean & Efficient

Our Sustainable Operations
Kurà Sustainability Tour

Let us show you how we’ve gone green with our complimentary back of the house tour

The best hospitality practices on this page are just a drop in the ocean of our sustainability initiatives. We invite you to join us on a tour of the resort to see for yourself how we keep our operations green, how we support our community, and how we conserve our flora and fauna. We’ll take you around even the hidden areas, giving you a real insight into sustainable hospitality.

Solar Power

With sunshine aplenty in Uvita, we put it to good use at the resort

We work hard to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible. One way we do that is by using solar technology to heat water for our guest suites and staff rooms. If it happens to be cloudy, we have energy-saving auxiliary water heaters as a Plan B.

The solar panels just under the pool are also hard at work. They feed into two batteries which we use during power outages at the resort.

Salt Water & Safe

Our infinity pool is good for the soul and kind to the skin

Our infinity pool employs a special chemical and filter system that uses salt to keep the waters clean instead of chlorine. That means if you swim in our pool you won’t be exposed to any harsh chemicals – only glorious sunshine and mind-blowing views.

Green Gardening

A smart solution to irrigating our lush grounds

For many months of the year our rainforest becomes bone dry and needs to be watered. To ease the demand on fresh water, we put our wastewater to good use by purifying it onsite through a special biological system, making it completely safe and suitable for irrigating our gardens.


Tucked away in the rainforest, we like to keep things natural

Warning! Flammable! Toxic! With labels like these on many conventional cleaning products, going 100% organic was a no-brainer for us. The fully biodegradable products we use don’t contain hazardous chemicals so they won’t adversely affect our ecosystems or us.


“This is eco-tourism as it should be done. Comfort and luxury are not at odds with sustainable practices at Kura. Solar energy, on-site greenhouse and local fare all power and provide for the place. The owners and staff clearly take pride in their efforts, yet there’s no “preachy” atmosphere as I’ve experienced in other places.”

– Rebeca, Texas