This is
Wildlife Season

Wildlife Experiences

The months of May to November is a magical time in Costa Rica.

At the Kura, and The Cayuga Collection of Hotels, we call this Wildlife Season.

That incredible time of year when the rainforest is at its most abundant and green. Rivers are flowing and full of life. And it’s your best time for witnessing one-of-a-kind, wildlife experiences:

Turtles nest their eggs on the beach, and turtle babies make their way towards the ocean…

Humpback whales migrate from both northern and southern hemispheres to meet in our warm waters …

Sloths high in the treetops eat fresh leaves and teach their young how to be … sloths.

At Kura and The Cayuga Collection of Hotels, our Expert Guides — and signature tours — will help you check off all your bucket-list wildlife experiences.

This is THE time to visit Costa Rica.

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Kura, Costa Rica

Why Choose Kura &
The Cayuga Collection for Wildlife Season

Expert Naturalist Guides:

Always the best experts to guide you on your wildlife expeditions.

Leave the Wildlife Tour Planning to Us:

We take care of the details so you don’t have to.

Travel With Purpose:

Every adventure you take helps support our local wildlife efforts.

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Beyond Amazing

“I’ve stayed in places around the world and this place surpasses every hope and expectation of wonderful…There is no question in my mind that this will be a repeat trip for us and maybe a regular trip every year in the future.”

– Tiffany, New Orleans

Kura, Costa Rica

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Adventure Planning?

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Use the Wildlife Guidebook to:


Know where and when to go.

Learn about the best months, regions and National Parks to encounter Costa Rica’s most iconic wildlife species.


Create your Wildlife adventure itinerary.

Use our cheat-sheet of Costa Rica’s most popular wildlife species, our National Park recommendations, and our bucket-list experiences offered by our luxury hotels, to jump-start your tours and activities planning.


Prepare for exotic Wildlife encounters.

Use our best advice to prepare for your wildlife adventures, like pro-tips on What to Pack and tips for taking incredible wildlife photos.

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