Take Time For Yourself

Kura, Costa Rica

Wellness at Kura

There’s no place quite like Kura to experience true serenity. Surrounded by nature, you’ll embrace a slower rainforest rhythm. A pura vida way of life where no stress could ever exist.

Secluded and intimate, Kura is a place to reconnect with yourself and your partner. A luxury destination of sophisticated comfort far from the distractions of the world – one where the ocean breezes carry with them a real sense of wellbeing.

Kura, Costa Rica

An Open-Air Sanctuary Designed to
Purify, Nourish & Rejuvenate.


Pamper Yourself in Paradise

“The spa area is just as incredible as the rest of the resort and the therapist was very professional and provided a really relaxing experience. There was no need to play any background/relaxing music here since the sounds of the rainforest were authentic.”

– Jen, UK

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