As Nature Intended

Kura, Costa Rica

Nature Conservation at Kura

Nature conservation is an integral part of our sustainable philosophy. Nestled away in one of Costa Rica’s most biodiverse corners, we feel a strong duty towards our natural surroundings and environment. Learn how we do it.

Kura, Costa Rica

A Healthy Ecosystem

Healthy nature is beautiful nature.

We’re blessed with beautiful beaches. In fact, the shores of the Marino Ballena National Park are some of the cleanest in all of southern Costa Rica.

So much so that they’ve been awarded the national Ecological Blue Flag award in recognition.

We support the local entities that have been set up to make sure our beaches hold onto this accolade. We hold seminars around town and in local schools, teaching the community how to keep our ecosystems healthy.

We encourage you to visit our nearby national parks for a taste of nature at its most pristine. Favorites include the Marino Ballena National Park and Caño Island.

Kura, Costa Rica

Specialty Tours

We work exclusively with local nature lovers.

We offer a number of tours for you to explore the surrounding rainforest and beaches, and outsource exclusively to local micro businesses.

We look for local businesses that share our same philosophies on nature conservation. Our preferred guide, Greivin, spent years learning all about rainforest life and nature preservation. His passion makes him a guest favorite.

"Something you have to experience for yourself"

“I was awestruck that such a place like Kura can be in existence in the middle of nowhere. None of the pictures do it justice – it’s something you have to experience for yourself. The sheer presence of such nature from the unobstructed panoramic views from pretty much anywhere in the hotel is almost overwhelming. It evoked some emotion that’s for sure.”

– John, California

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